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Registered Charity No. 830838280RR001

Rehabilitation Is Only A Small Part Of The Story

My son Cody was injured in a motor vehicle accident on July 14, 2022. While at work, he was hit by a semi-truck that failed to stop at a stop sign. Cody suffered a dislocated C6-7 with fractures of both vertebrae. Cody received excellent medical care at Foothills Hospital in Calgary and was released from hospital on October 26. While we are very thankful to the medical staff at Foothills for dealing with the acute issue, we rapidly became aware that rehab was an equally or even more important part of Cody’s recovery. That is where Synaptic came in. Through word of mouth recommendation by a family who had gone through a similar situation to ours, we were introduced to Uyen and the Synaptic team. Well before Cody’s discharge, Synaptic was a huge support for my entire family, not just Cody. They answered any questions we had about “what to expect next”, what life was going to look like for Cody and they also developed a plan for rehab after discharge from hospital. To say that having support from Synaptic in the early stages of Cody’s accident was a life saver for me and my family would not be an exaggeration. Such support was and continues to be vital in out family’s journey towards the new normal. As for Cody, the bonds that he formed instantly when he met Uyen and the treatment team were amazing. Cody is a very positive, upbeat person, never once feeling sorry for himself, and going to make the most out of his life. I think the team at Synaptic saw that. The physio team at Synaptic are young, energetic and very personable. They have excellent communication with patients and custom design physio routines for individual patient goals. I would like to think that they treat Cody “special” because he is trying so hard to get better, but I see them making the same effort with every patient on the floor. They welcome visitors to the physio area so we see the evidence first hand. I cannot say enough about the good that Synaptic has already done for Cody, in two short months. Emotionally, he is doing great. And the best days he has are the days he works out at Synaptic. His ever present smile gets bigger as soon as he sees his physio team. That emotional support goes much farther than just Cody, but supports his entire family and community as we all see his improvements almost daily. Physically, Cody and his Synaptic’s physio team are making huge strides. The team did an initial objective assessment when he first started, and they repeat it monthly. While we can all see the huge improvements happening, it is gratifying to put some numbers to the work. Besides the emotional support and physical training that Synaptic is giving Cody, they are also helping him get back into life. They offered assistance with getting his drivers license back, recommendations for exercise equipment and alternative therapies, and even answer questions that Cody and his wife have about family planning. They offer the “full meal deal” for recovery, including access and recommendations to experts outside of Synaptic. In summary, this letter is not only a letter of support for Synaptic, but a letter of sincere thanks from my family. We desperately needed someone to talk to early on in Cody’s journey, and Synaptic was there for us. And they continue to follow through. The work they do to help Cody, helps his family and in turn helps and entire community who are fighting with Cody. And I don’t think our story is alone. Seeing other families/patients at Synaptic and talking to others who have participated in their program, they all have similar stories to tell. Six months ago, our lives were pretty grim. We had no idea what to expect. Synaptic fixed all of that and now Cody and his family and his community know that he will continue to be a leader and valuable member of society. Thank you Synaptic. I shudder to think of where we would be without you. Sincerely Dr Gord Krebs DVM


Multiply Your Impact
This Giving Tuesday

Let's make a difference together. Thanks to generous supporters all donations made to "Multiply Your Impact" will be matched.


From now to one week past Giving Tuesday - December 5th, 2023 your support will go twice as far. That's twice the therapy, twice the navigation, and an unmeasurable change in someone's life. 100% of your donation will be matched up to a total of $20,000.00. Every penny of your gift will be put to work immediately. Thank you for helping change a person's life by changing their brain below the level of their injury or disease.


I am so elated to be able to share what Synaptic has done for me mentally, physically,and emotionally. I have been a client at Synaptic since 2020. When I first started treatment, I was in a power wheelchair ninety percent of my day. I didn't know what my future would look like. I was depressed, hopeless and jaded from the therapy I had been receiving, due to its lack of results and originality. It is common knowledge amongst new SCI patients that if you want top tier physical therapy in Calgary, Synaptic is where you should go. I was one of the lucky ones who were able to fully experience the magic of Synaptic due to coverage from my insurance, but I can't help but to wonder how many more miracles there would be if everyone was able to afford the care that I have received there. Since starting with Synaptic I no longer use my power wheelchair. I slowly transitioned to a gutter walker, from there, a four wheeled walker, then to a cane, and now unassisted. I have also started driving again. I am going to the gym independently twice a week. I am a very involved stay at home mom to two young daughters. I have future goals of returning to school, and the sky is the limit. My success is a direct result of persistent effort that went in from myself and the trainers at Synaptic. The trainers and physiotherapists taught me how to use my body again. This team believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. They tailored each therapy session to my personal goals and physical abilities. It always amazes me the way they can incorporate your goals into a session. I accomplished goals like, bike riding, pushing my children on a swing, dressing myself, weight lifting, braiding hair, and being more involved in my intimate relationship. Each one of the trainers brings innovative ideas that are outside of the norm. They all have different areas of expertise when it comes to rehabilitation. Some will specialize in bed mobility while others are better at strength and conditioning. The fact is that you need all these different avenues with rehabilitation, and Synaptic is the only place that you truly get them all. I have received massage therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, occupational therapy, and counseling during my time at Synaptic. Disability takes over your life, and many things can get overlooked, or people don't have resources to help. I can honestly say that hasn't been the case for me in regards to Synaptic. They have helped me with equipment, exercise, mental health, pain management, social connections, resources in my community, and improving my quality of life. Uyen has done a beautiful job at hand picking a team that works so well together and brings so many different strengths to Synaptic and their clients. She has a vision that equality and accessibility should be the standard. We desperately need that in our community. Accessible can be interpreted so differently from place to place. It brings me so much joy and relief to walk into Synaptic, knowing that it was designed for someone like me. It's the one place I go aside from home that I know I have no problem with accessibility. Synaptic has given me my life back. I'm so proud of who I am and what I've been able to accomplish because of the team I've had with me. My kids love that I can give piggyback rides and play on the floor with them again. I am so grateful. Without the encouragement, expertise, patience, and guidance from the Synaptic team, I wouldn't be where I am today. Sincerely, Catherine

The Warren Yunker & Family Legacy Fund

Dr. Warren Yunker 1976 2022

The Fund has been established in partnership with the Synaptic Neuro Rehabilitation Centre to improve the quality of life for people living with neurologic conditions and disabilities.

All funds raised will be directed to help individuals in financial need access community-based rehabilitation services, adaptive equipment and mental health supports for themselves and their families.

Support the 
BREATHE Long Covid Program

The program includes virtual, group based, peer-facilitated sessions and was the first in Alberta to offer support for people living with Long Covid. Participants benefit through validation, education, and self-management strategies. To date, BREATHE programming has been privately funded by progressive philanthropists who understand the compounding value of early medical intervention for complex health conditions. 


"Prior to finding the Breathe program, I was utterly lost. I was a year or more from getting into the long covid clinic in my town, and totally bewildered by all of the things happening to me. I'd been to my doctor who just gave me a blank stare and when I described my symptoms I felt like a crazy person because they were unlike anything I'd ever heard of. I didn't know that my strange symptoms were following a common pattern, had never heard of things like Dysautonomia or heart rate monitoring and had no idea that I could be pacing and trying other methods to manage my symptoms. The BREATHE program gave me knowledge, understanding, compassion, and a community to help dampen some of the fear and start to heal." - IJ

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Your Impact
In 2022

The Gift Of Time


As both a rehabilitation clinic and a charity we thrive with the support of many with client support and operations. If you're considering giving your time, energy, and super powers Synaptic is where give back and get back come together. Whether you are an event guru, fundraising genius, or interested in helping our rehabilitation specialists - Synaptic relies on the talent and passion of our volunteers.

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