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GOAL: His long term goal is that once the border reopens he can return to Montana and enjoy the beautiful golf course at Indian Springs Ranch and golf once again.

On April 22, 2017 while enjoying a weekend at his RV property in Montana with his wife Anita, Don suffered a catastrophic brain hemorrhage at the age of 59 as a result of an AVM (arteriovenous malformation).

Prior to Don’s stroke, he lived a very active life and enjoyed many outdoor activities.


He loved to spend time in the mountains with his horses Badger and Toledo. Golf, fly fishing, hunting, hiking, and downhill skiing were also many of his favorite things to do.

After 10 days in ICU at the Harbourview Hospital in Seattle Don was air ambulanced to the Foothills Hospital where he experienced many surgeries and setbacks. As the brain hemorrhage was in the cerebellum Don’s speech, swallowing and balance were greatly affected. Don spent 9 months in hospital (4 of those on Unit 58) and was discharged on January 19, 2018.

Since that time Don has attended various rehabilitation programs in Calgary. He began attending therapy twice a week at Synaptic in September 2020 and is just completing the 14-week PONs program.


Although life is very different for Don, he continues to embrace life and enjoys his scooter rides in Fish Creek Park and spending time with his loving family.


There has been tremendous improvement in his balance and gait and Don looks forward to his time at Synaptic.


Don is continuously challenged by all the therapists and enjoys their positive and encouraging attitudes.


He has also seen many of the other practitioners available in the clinic such as the speech pathologist, massage therapist, and nutritionist. It is such a benefit that Synaptic offers so many services under one roof.Don looks forward to continuing his therapy at Synaptic after the completion of the PONs program.