An Integrated Personalized Program for you

Moving forward from an injury or diagnosis - you may be left to find and pay for therapy resources on your own, often facing long wait lists for access, and possibly in a treatment program that is not a match for you. 

SYNAPTIC fills a critical gap in community-based rehabilitation for those living with neurological conditions by providing:

  • timely access to rehabilitation in the most crucial stages of neuro recovery

  • through advanced therapeutic technology and methodologies

  • with a multidisciplinary approach in a client-centred care model

  • using a cost recovery model for services provided reducing the financial burden of care

"This is a space where every body is able"

- Uyen Nguyen, Co Founder & Executive Director

Adult and pediatric clients from across Alberta, Canada, and around the world 

Whether your goal is to be more independent, manage the progression of a condition or take those first steps in your recovery, we support reaching your maximum potential and improving the quality of your life.

By looking beyond the diagnosis to ensure all rehab potential is explored, clients are given the opportunity to define their own recovery path.

Synaptic is a national leader in out-patient rehabilitation. Clients benefit from our work with international inventors and thought leaders. 


Along with other methodologies, the innovative evaluation and rehabilitation technology is used to improve balance, strength, and range of motion; increase cardiovascular function; improve bone density; manage pain; and decrease tone/spasms.


In a client-centred model of care, the process needed to help you reach your goals is Synaptic's first priority.


Rehabilitation journeys have allowed clients to relearn how to feed themselves, throw a ball, drive a vehicle, hold their child, and return to work. Every personal journey matters - no matter how big or small. 

Synaptic is founded on the philanthropic mindset we can create change when we all work toward collective impact. It takes a village.

Although our services are not funded by public healthcare, we work on a cost recovery model to reduce the financial barrier to accessing care.

We work with a community of supports who share in our vision and who are compelled to act.



305, 6940 Fisher Road SE

Calgary, AB T2H 0W3

Hours 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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