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We're Moving Early 2024!


We're making room for more programs, services, therapists, technology, and community. We're moving for you.

Our New Home

120 - 4129 8th Street SE

Calgary, Alberta



Answering Your Questions

Why is Synaptic Moving?

The answer is simple - we're moving to better serve you and for the opportunity to positively impact more of our community.

When is Synaptic Moving?

We'll be moving into our new home in early 2024.

Will Synaptic still be centrally located?

Yes, we'll be about five minutes away from our current location.

How will the new space be different?

Our new home is designed with intent and optimized for universal design with accessibility & sensory control features. It is a larger space with a floor-plan that allows us to add therapists and bring in more technology. It will be a gathering place for the community with a communal reception, a quiet family centre, private workrooms for public use, group treatment spaces, a celebration wall, and three times the private treatment spaces.

Will there be any disruption in treatment schedules?

We're working to have a disruption during the move of only 2 to 3 days. If this changes and we are delayed any more than this we'll be communicating well in advance and putting a plan in place.

Will there be free parking?


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