At Synaptic, we treat the person and not the diagnosis. 

We are a place of optimism, determination, and resilience. Using our integrated model of care, we work with clients to restore hope and dignity.

Many of our clients contact us soon after being released from the hospital from a debilitating spinal cord injury or either before or after diagnosis of a neurological condition. This is a vulnerable time, filled with overwhelming feelings of uncertainty about the future. The immediate life changes our clients face have a monumental impact on all family members. Many of our clients and their families have been left to make sense of disjointed care plans, with no idea where to begin accessing the necessary services, supports and resources they need.

Synaptic’s all-inclusive, multi-disciplinary approach, fills a critical gap where our healthcare system currently lacks. Our Client Centered Care Model means we provide personalized care plans based on the specific goals our clients want to achieve, using advanced Therapeutic Technology and an Activity-Based Therapy (ABT)  methodology. Additionally, our Care Navigation Consulting ensures our clients are connected with all the necessary supports and services they need from our trusted community partners. This helps our clients effectively adapt to the transformative aspects of their condition or illness.

Traumatic events can happen in life, but this doesn’t mean life can’t be enjoyable and fulfilling. We help our clients safely achieve their goals and regain their quality of life and confidence to successfully integrate back into the community.


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