Synaptic’s Virtual Village Is for Those Impacted by a Neurological Diagnosis or Injury

If your life has been impacted by a neurological diagnosis or injury and you want to be part of a larger community of support, Virtual Village is the answer! This is a platform for everyone to come together; whether you are an individual with a neurological diagnosis or injury, a caregiver, family member or friend of someone with a neurological condition, or a healthcare provider wishing to share your expertise, everyone is welcome to join and participate at no cost.

Come and learn about the services healthcare professionals can provide through our blog and video libraries. Discover ways to empower yourself on your own health journey through our resources.  Create connections, share your lived experience, find and provide support in this community, through our forums and chats. They say it takes a village – please join ours! 

Free Consultation

Reach out to our Synaptic team to find out how we can help your reach your neuro rehabilitation goals!