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A progressive and innovative out-patient rehabilitation centre providing integrated care to individuals of all ages living with a neurological diagnosis or injury.

Operating as a registered charity since 2012, Synaptic Neuro Rehabilitation Centre is a leader in restoring dignity and confidence for those seeking to move forward from a neurological diagnosis or injury. Using a cost recovery model to deliver our programs and services, we aim to reduce the financial burden of care without ever compromising our standard of care. 

Synaptic’s integrated approach can include a combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage therapy, respiratory therapy, functional neurology chiropractic care, acupuncture, speech language pathology, mental health support and neuro supportive nutrition. Our mission is to fill the gap and be able to provide access to care in a timely manner, with a limited waitlist, and help you optimize your rehabilitative possibilities.

Why We Are Different

Conquering Limitations

Beyond a conventional treatment approach, yet firmly grounded in evidence-based methods, we push the boundaries of what can be achieved after a neurological diagnosis.

We are committed to exploring the power of neuro protection, neuro recovery and neuroplasticity and providing rehabilitative opportunities that not only aim to maintain but rather recover function. Our objective is to achieve our clients’ goals.

Moving forward from a neurological diagnosis is not just about surviving, but rather redefining a positive path forward.

Community Based Care Navigation Consulting

In addition to the programs and services within our clinic, we support community transitions through care navigation consulting. We can provide information on public or private options for in-home health care services, education support, workplace and school  transition support, caregiver support and funding opportunities. We can also help facilitate the services required from our vetted community partners, who specialize in neuro rehabilitation equipment suppliers, realtors, home renovators, home automation providers, financial advisors, legal counsel, travel agents, vehicle modification providers, universally accessible businesses and more. We aim to help our clients move forward with dignity and autonomy.

Who We Help


“I look forward to coming to Synaptic because it gives me hope that I’m going to progress. It’s a great team here who are really positive. Every therapist provides a unique perspective and works great as a team, giving me things, I can do at home. Functionality is important to me, and they provide some assistance with that as well. I have made a ton of gains since I first started here. I am walking a lot better, I have way more strength, and I can do a lot of functional things I couldn’t do before, which gets me back to a sense of normalcy that I had before the stroke, obviously. That’s a huge thing! I journal and focus on the gains that I do every visit.”

– D.B.

“If people would only come here, they would know how important it is for your after care. I have significantly changed since coming to Synaptic and can now empty my urine collection bag by myself, transfer a lot easier and every muscle that does work, they work it out here. I love it! Anybody with a significant change after an accident like myself, you will want to come here. I came from a word-of-mouth referral and will tell a million other people to come here too!”

– B.R.

“I started at Synaptic to try to regain some function in my right hand and leg. I like attending Synaptic because the staff is friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable, and they maintain a positive attitude. They are also not afraid to admit when they don’t have the immediate answer and will try to find the answer before our next session. I especially appreciate that they collaborate and check the previous notes before the next appointment, so that we can build on the therapy. I like the team approach since different therapists all approach problems slightly differently to attain the same goal. That keeps sessions varied and interesting.”

– E.H.

“I enjoy the great atmosphere at Synaptic; everyone wants to see each other succeed. It’s given me a chance to accelerate my recovery process and has allowed me to work on skills that are applicable to sled hockey for the upcoming season. I’ve been able to stand with a walker on my own for the first time in three years. Synaptic has also helped me get to a point where I’m slowly able to take almost unassisted steps. I want others to know that not only will you see progress through recovery at Synaptic, but you will also want to come back each and every time afterwards.”

– R.S.

“Synaptic is one awesome place if you have issues which require improvement with stroke rehab. I’ve become stronger, healthier, I’m walking better, and it’s good for my mental health. It’s a great place, the talent of the therapists and the equipment that they have can make a world of difference to you if you are in need of support. The therapists are knowledgeable, supportive and encourage you to do better!”

– Klincker

Building a Village

Synaptic was built on the foundation of community.

Together, we will define your recovery journey and ensure you have access to relevant information, critical resources, innovative neuro technology and a multidisciplinary team. Our goal is to empower you with the skills and strategies needed to live life to its fullest.

With a proud reputation for being an early adopter, we have brought innovators and thought leaders into our village in order to stay on the forefront of neuro technology research and innovation. This also allows us to connect you to respected healthcare providers that offer alternative treatments and have access to best practice standards from around the world.

When you enter the Synaptic Neuro Rehabilitation Centre, you will immediately notice a community minded atmosphere that is both optimistic and resilient. You will feel confident that you have access to all the necessary education, resources, innovative therapeutic technology, and a multi-disciplinary client-centred approach to your care, based on best practices. Our progressive approach means all rehabilitation potential is explored, so you have every opportunity to define your own path to recovery.

Why Synaptic Matters

Empowering the Journey

Although the path to care can be convoluted after a neurological diagnosis or injury, our goal is to empower you with the information and skills needed to make autonomous decisions in your recovery.

Working with a multidisciplinary team, a treatment plan is created with a holistic lens, presenting you with options for public health and private healthcare access.

We strive to ensure that the curated rehabilitation is done with you, not to you.

Access to Care

The medical journey to reach a diagnosis can be long and daunting. Receiving an official diagnosis can take years within our system, and people are left without direction or therapy. Even when symptoms persist and cause significant life limitations, navigating care without a clear diagnosis can bring additional challenges.

At Synaptic, we focus on addressing the symptoms that affect quality of life, regardless of the diagnosis. Early intervention and support are critical in optimizing function and preventing secondary complications.

Once a diagnosis or discharge from hospital has been achieved, the critical gap remains within transition, and there is limited access to ongoing rehab opportunities in the community. Synaptic’s mission is to fill the gap and be able to provide access to care in a timely manner, with a limited waitlist, and help you optimize your rehabilitative possibilities.

Creating a Community

Synaptic was founded on the philanthropic mindset and ethos that we can impact change when we all work together.

Collaborating with donors, corporate partners, academic institutions, and other healthcare providers, Synaptic has created a community that shares in the vision of improving quality of life for those living with a neurological condition.

Within Synaptic, we have created a village where clients will find peer-to-peer support, systems navigation support, as well as medical and therapeutic support. Without these pillars in place, there can be a tremendous burden on the individual and their family, which ultimately impacts our larger community and healthcare system.

What we do at Synaptic truly takes a village.

Creating Social Impact

Without opportunities for support in the community, people living with neurological conditions find themselves falling in the gaps of care.

The compounding and secondary complications that are left unaddressed, ultimately present as re-entry into our healthcare system, requiring more visits to the doctor, ending up in emergency care, or being re-hospitalized. Not only does this diminish quality of life for the individual, but it magnifies the burden within our existing healthcare system.

As a charity, Synaptic operates on a cost recovery model that relentlessly pushes for efficiency in its delivery, without ever compromising effectiveness of care.

We restore dignity and confidence to a population that is left to self-advocate through a complex and fragmented system.


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