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Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy involves the evaluation and diagnosis of respiratory issues, offering options for treatment, management, and ongoing assessments to improve breathing.

Many neurological diseases, spinal cord injuries, lung diseases, lung infections and lung injuries can cause respiratory problems that can progress to impaired pulmonary function. Even mild breathing impairment can make you less energetic, be anxiety inducing and can affect quality of life. Through a number of strategies, tools, technology, and equipment, we can help you find ways to manage symptoms and improve your breathing.


When we conduct our initial breathing assessment, we listen to your story and conduct a series of breathing measurements. By evaluating your breathing chemistry including your blood oxygen levels and exhaled carbon dioxide, we can determine if you are breathing appropriately for your body’s metabolism. Through the analysis of your functional movements and core stability, we discover if you can coordinate breathing movement at the same time.

Respiratory therapy can help you breathe easier and improve lung function and oxygen absorption.

Synaptic has a specialized Breathe Long COVID Support Program for those dealing with Long COVID symptoms. 

Introduction to Respiratory Therapy

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