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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on daily tasks and is complimentary to other forms of rehabilitation, including physiotherapy. 

Occupational therapy helps with physical and/or cognitive challenges that interfere with a person’s ability to complete everyday tasks that are important to them. This can have an impact on physical and mental health when a person loses their sense of purpose or independence. There is some overlap with physiotherapy but also key differences. Physiotherapy may focus on building strength, coordination, and mobility, whereas occupational therapy will focus on these elements, combined with goals that are specific towards the execution of daily tasks. For example, physiotherapy may help with standing tolerance and occupational therapy will help with standing at the sink to do dishes.

Everyday tasks that occupational therapy can help include:

Self-care (dressing, grooming, toileting, showering)

Productivity (going to work or school, getting groceries, taking care of a house, child, or pet, managing finances)

Leisure Activities (sports, recreation, social activities, hobbies)

Why Occupational Therapy Works

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