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Neuro Supportive Nutrition

Nutrition is foundational to our client's successful results. We recognize the profound impact diet can have on symptoms. Our Nutritional Consultants collaborate with our clients to create a customized dietary plan specific to their symptoms.

Most people know that diet can be used for weight management, heart health or diseases like Type II Diabetes, but there is typically less awareness around the impact diet can have on reducing symptoms. When it comes to nutrition, it is not about the diagnosis but instead, addressing issues at the biochemical level, which can help support the body’s repair and recovery.

Our Nutritional Consultants explore an extensive list of questions with our clients reviewing their medical history, family’s medical history, digestion, and sleep patterns, which provides the necessary clues to recommend a customized diet that will best support our clients’ individualized needs. Based on these recommendations, easy to execute meal plans and recipes will be provided. For those that don’t have time or can’t shop or cook for themselves, they can be connected to resources to help ensure the nutritional plan can be successfully executed.

Introduction to Nutrition Consulting

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