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Synaptic Neuro
Rehabilitation Centre

"Each session proves to be the best ninety minutes of my days. The therapists are humble, friendly, and professional. I am truly indebted to the kindness and smiles these angels have brought to my world."

- Rita M.

Welcome to a progressive and innovative rehabilitation centre providing care to individuals living with a neurological diagnosis or injury

Are you searching for Community Based Neuro Rehabilitation resources and therapy?


Synaptic provides access to advanced care in a timely manner, with a limited wait-list, at the lowest cost possible - to help you optimize your rehabilitative possibilities.

Clients arrive at Synaptic in many ways:

  • Discharged from public healthcare OR

  • Have a recent or a long standing diagnosis OR

  • Are experiencing neurological functional challenges without a formal diagnosis

What's Different

Registered Charity

Out-Patient Rehabilitation

No Referral Necessary

All Ages

Lowest Cost Possible

Client Centred

Multiple Therapies

Innovative Technology

Navigation Support

Post Concussion Syndrome

Spinal Cord Injury

Spina Bifida


Transverse Myelitis

Traumatic Brain Injury

Who We Help

We support people with neurological symptoms relating to these and many other functional neurological disorders, as well as; those who have yet to receive a formal diagnosis:


Cerebral Palsy



Long Covid

Multiple Sclerosis


Focusing on neurological injury and conditions for people of all ages, at every stage of recovery

Here, in the community, with fully integrated care when there are limited options

Why We Help

Synaptic's "WHY" is to remove the gap that exists in care, therapy and resource navigation today. Synaptic provides programming for those moving on from a diagnosis or hospital care and left seeking but not finding any direction or therapy.


Because early Intervention and support are critical for you in optimizing your function and preventing secondary complications.

How We Help

When you first meet with the Synaptic team, we complete a comprehensive initial assessment to fully understand your current medical history, concerns, challenges, and goals. Our intention is to provide you with timely access to rehabilitation in the most crucial stages of recovery.

A unique Client Centred Program focused on your values and personal priorities is created.

Whether you want to transfer independently from a chair to your bed, throw a ball, return to work, play with your grandchild, drive a vehicle, travel, or compete competitively, we will help you accomplish your goals.

A Client Centred Program where your care is done “with you” not “to you”


You are involved in every aspect of your recovery journey

Multiple Therapies In A Single Program

An individual Synaptic Program, designed for you, can include one or many therapies - all within the clinic.

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Massage Therapy

Respiratory Therapy

Functional Neurological Chiropractic Care


Speech Language Pathology

Mental Health Support

Neuro Supportive Nutrition


Made Possible By

As a registered Charity, since 2012, Synaptic is able to keep your treatment standard high and costs low. This would not be possible without the generosity of individual donors, partners, grants, and supporters. For this we are incredibly grateful. Consider making an impact today.


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