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Your Health is

the First Priority for the Synaptic Team

The Synaptic 

Team will

  • Be personally screened daily including temperature check

  • Sanitize equipment before and after each session

  • Wear a mask and gloves throughout your session

  • Screen all clients before the start of their session

  • Manage the schedule and clinic flow to ensure physical distancing as much as possible

  • Minimize the points of contact

  • Clean and sanitize high touch points throughout the clinic a minimum of twice daily

Clients will

  • Arrive no more that 10 minutes prior to your session to help us manage physical distancing

  • Be asked COVID-19 screening questions before the start of each appointment

  • Be required to wear a face mask upon entry and for the duration of your time within the clinic

  • Be required to use hand sanitizer prior to starting your session and at the completion of your session

  • Be unable to use Synaptic equipment outside of your session time

  • Be required to have a credit card on file as we will not be accepting manual payment at the time of your appointment. (Please call the clinic prior to your first appointment to provide this information if you don't currently have it on file)

  • Receive receipts via email, we will not be providing physical receipts during this time

  • Clients who are unwell or who've been in close contact with a positive case must receive a negative COVID-19 test

We reserve the right to refuse entry to the clinic if you arrive at the clinic with symptoms.

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