What is Aphasia

Did you know that more than 100,000 Canadians are living with aphasia today? Did you know that one in every three stroke survivors have aphasia? So…what exactly is aphasia? Aphasia is an acquired language disorder that results from damage to the brain, typically in the left hemisphere region, which is associated with language. Although cerebral … Read more

Voice Disorders

What is a Voice Disorder? Our voice is a large part of our identity; we use our voices as a tool to represent ourselves, to communicate, and to express ourselves through verbal means, whether that be talking, chanting, humming or singing. The use of this tool should feel natural and easy. Your voice should also … Read more

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is one of the few tasks that everyone participates in regularly, regardless of age, ability or environment. We all know that, without sleep, our physical, emotional and cognitive functions drastically decline. We need sleep! Despite sleep’s importance, many people remain unsatisfied with either how much sleep (sleep quantity) or how deep their sleep is … Read more

Introduction to Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic floor anatomy and function are relevant to all of us – everyone has a pelvic floor! Unfortunately, it can be difficult and embarrassing to discuss this area of the body, and for that reason, many people know very little about what to do improve their pelvic floor function. Pelvic floor problems are highly prevalent … Read more

Tips for Good Breathing

Here are some tips for good breathing practices. Nose Breathe in and out through the nose The nose warms, moistens and helps sterilize the air Mouth is closed with the tongue on the roof of the mouth, teeth apart and the face is relaxed Low Breathe up from the toes When inhaling you want to … Read more

Aging in Place

The comfort, safety and familiarity of home is something we all value. However, as we experience changes to our physical or cognitive functioning, remaining in our home can become challenging. Aging in Place is a concept that describes managing age-related changes, while remaining safe and independent in your home. If you have concerns about your … Read more

The Neuro Supportive Nutrition Link

It is well recognized that diet can impact health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, so it should come as no surprise that nutrition also plays a key role in brain function. A brain that functions well means you will have good memory and concentration, good reasoning skills, good physical coordination and be … Read more