Workplace and School Transition

Transitioning back to work or school after a neurological diagnosis or injury can be an important step in re-establishing a purpose filled life that allows you to apply your talents and experiences and feel engaged. Equally as important is the opportunity to continue to nurture social connections.

Both workplace and school transitions require a viable plan by your care team that should consider your goals, the physical and cognitive demands, and prepare recommendations for any necessary modifications. This could include alterations to the environment, developing a strategy to handle bladder and bowel care, respiratory care, and other medical issues effectively. Certain jobs with physical requirements may require evaluating a change of role or career, whereas other jobs may only require a few adaptions. The school environment may also require hiring support staff and ensure teachers and other students have sensitivity training.

Developing a strategy that focusses on your strengths will ultimately help in a successful transition to either work or school and contribute to your quality of life.