Caregiver Support

At Synaptic we understand the burden of care that falls on families that can quickly lead to feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, resentful and helpless. By creating an effective path of care for your loved one and helping them access the varied supports they may need, we can ease the strain on you so you can maintain a positive outlook. We know that when we help our clients, we in turn are also helping their caregiver(s).

Caregiving is life changing and requires significant effort. You may be responsible for completing home modifications that support accessibility so your loved one can safely and comfortably reside at home, providing aspects of daily care and household tasks, advocating for ongoing medical care, coordinating accessible transportation, helping to motivate and enable involvement in social activities, and more. It is normal to feel a loss of control when facing a life changing event, but there are many aspects of caregiving you can control. We provide you with access to respite care, mental health resources and support groups that address your specific situation.

As you embrace the role of caregiver, being surrounded by a knowledgeable team that can empower you and your loved one, will reduce feelings of isolation and establish the gratifying and rewarding aspects of supporting your loved one to reach their recovery goals.