R.I.S.E. Support Courses

What Are R.I.S.E. Support Courses?

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A FOUNDATIONAL COURSE with the promise to provide strategies to improve quality of life and gain actionable skills our R.I.S.E. Support Courses can help.

We recognize there will be a variance in stages of conditions and at times participants will be gaining and at times sharing knowledge. We offer the connection with practitioners with a high level of expertise, teaching you something new or confirming and affirming something you may have already touched on. In this group setting, you meet with peers in different stages and phases of their personal journey, learning from one another’s lived experiences.

Who Can Benefit From R.I.S.E. Support Courses?

Individuals impacted by the condition directly can benefit from these courses. The course enrollment will originally be set at 16 but this will be evaluated as the project unfolds. It is available to Alberta residents only (please no practitioners or caregivers). Course participants will first register with the Synaptic Virtual Village to help them gain access to links, and a forum with their fellow participants.

Event Details:





R.I.S.E. Spinal Cord Injury Topics
  • Mental Fitness – Skills & Tools
  • Mental Health – Grief & Loss of Identity 
  • Nutrition – Anti-inflammatory Diet & Healthy Fats, Nutrition and Management of UTI
  • Physiotherapy – Range of Motion (Seated and/or Bed), Wheelchair Skills
  • Occupational Therapy – Adaptive Equipment Options, Sexual Health
R.I.S.E. Multiple Sclerosis Topics
  • Mental Fitness – Skills & Tools
  • Mental Health – Grief & Loss of Identity
  • Nutrition – Anti-inflammatory Diet & Healthy Fats, Energy Conservation Snacks & Batch Cooking
  • Physiotherapy – Gait, Balance
  • Occupational Therapy – Fatigue & Pacing, Equipment and Tools for Energy Conservation
R.I.S.E. Parkinson’s Topics
  • Mental Fitness – To Support Your Health Journey
  • Mental Health – Depression & Anxiety
  • Nutrition – Anti-inflammatory Diet & Healthy Fats, Gut Health in Relation to PD
  • Physiotherapy – PWR! Modified, Fall Prevention
  • Speech Language Pathology – Vocal Projection, Voice Skills & Tools

How the Courses Are Delivered

The courses are delivered virtually through DEMIO.

You don’t require any special software and will be able to access the course with a link on any device you prefer and the browser of your choosing. Attendees must first register for the course on Eventbrite using the link below.

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