Activity Based Therapy

Activity Based Therapy (ABT) is a therapeutic approach to recovery and rehabilitation that focuses on improving strength and regaining motor function. Previously, it was thought that the brain was static, and any damage sustained was irreversible. However, research shows that muscle training strengthens neuromuscular circuitry. Neuroscientists are continually proving that the rerouting of neurological connections is possible. Our approach to rehabilitation and therapy encourages the brain and body to create new pathways for better channels of communication. 

​We build on this knowledge that the human brain can change. Through focused stimulation and purposeful movements, our brain has the potential to reorganize, reconnect, and relearn. The Synaptic team of health professionals is dedicated to helping clients forge connections that allow the brain and body to work concurrently, to potentially reconnect and relearn functional movements. Using the principals of neuroprotection, neurorecovery, and neuroplasticity, we develop a personal program that meets the individual goals of our clients.


Neuroprotection refers to creating a neuro supportive environment to prevent or slow disease progression and secondary complications.


Neurecovery is a process which aims to promote recovery from a nervous system injury, and to minimize collateral damage. 


Neuroplasticity is the ability to undergo structural or physiological changes in response to new input and stimuli. Neuroplasticity builds new pathways for the brain and body to reconnect.