“I look forward to coming to Synaptic because it gives me hope that I’m going to progress. It’s a great team here who are really positive. Every therapist provides a unique perspective and works great as a team, giving me things, I can do at home. Functionality is important to me, and they provide some assistance with that as well. I have made a ton of gains since I first started here. I am walking a lot better, I have way more strength, and I can do a lot of functional things I couldn’t do before, which gets me back to a sense of normalcy that I had before the stroke, obviously. That’s a huge thing! I journal and focus on the gains that I do every visit.”

– D.B.

“If people would only come here, they would know how important it is for your after care. I have significantly changed since coming to Synaptic and can now empty my urine collection bag by myself, transfer a lot easier and every muscle that does work, they work it out here. I love it! Anybody with a significant change after an accident like myself, you will want to come here. I came from a word-of-mouth referral and will tell a million other people to come here too!”

– B.R.

“I started at Synaptic to try to regain some function in my right hand and leg. I like attending Synaptic because the staff is friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable, and they maintain a positive attitude. They are also not afraid to admit when they don’t have the immediate answer and will try to find the answer before our next session. I especially appreciate that they collaborate and check the previous notes before the next appointment, so that we can build on the therapy. I like the team approach since different therapists all approach problems slightly differently to attain the same goal. That keeps sessions varied and interesting.”

– E.H.

“I enjoy the great atmosphere at Synaptic; everyone wants to see each other succeed. It’s given me a chance to accelerate my recovery process and has allowed me to work on skills that are applicable to sled hockey for the upcoming season. I’ve been able to stand with a walker on my own for the first time in three years. Synaptic has also helped me get to a point where I’m slowly able to take almost unassisted steps. I want others to know that not only will you see progress through recovery at Synaptic, but you will also want to come back each and every time afterwards.”

– R.S.

“Synaptic is one awesome place if you have issues which require improvement with stroke rehab. I’ve become stronger, healthier, I’m walking better, and it’s good for my mental health. It’s a great place, the talent of the therapists and the equipment that they have can make a world of difference to you if you are in need of support. The therapists are knowledgeable, supportive and encourage you to do better!”

– Klincker


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