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Syn.ap.tic aims to restore maximal function and improve quality of life for those with neurological impairments through exercise based therapy and education.

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Defining excellence with every client

Syn.ap.tic was derived from a group of multidisciplinary practitioners who recognized the overwhelming gap in progressive long term rehabilitation for people with neurological conditions. Once people received the diagnosis of a neurological condition, there were limited options for treatment centres that embraced the philosophy of comprehensive care. Syn.ap.tic set on its mission to provide advanced evidence based therapies to help people maximize function and improve quality of life.

Syn.ap.tic is comprised of specialized therapists who have garnered the skills and knowledge needed to work with a neuro based population. By staying abreast of the latest research and clinical practice, we are able to implement current treatment methods. We have therapists with certification from Carlsbad, CA (Project Walk), Orange County, NJ (NRN Therastride Training), Mesa, AZ (PWR!Moves) and San Francisco, CA (Spinal Cord Injury Seminars).


The Syn.ap.tic Structure

Syn.ap.tic began as a non-profit organization and received full charity status in November, 2012. We believe in an accessible centre, in every sense of the word. We did not want finances to be a limiting factor and as such, our mandate is to provide progressive and advanced therapies in the most cost effective manner to the client. To date, Syn.ap.tic has not received any government funding for its operations, and has solely existed on the generous donations of philanthropists and the support of the corporate community. Syn.ap.tic operates on a cost recovery model.

Syn.ap.tic absorbs the majority of the cost involved in training. The patient cost of $105/hr includes individualized sessions with two specialized trainers.***

Personal Impact Stories


Imagine waking up from a deep sleep to find out that you had missed your 21st birthday, you were unable to breath on your own, and you couldn't spell your name, and were paralyzed from the shoulders down. That was 10 years ago.

Director's Message

Being a part of Syn.ap.tic’s journey has been one of the most rewarding yet humbling experiences of my professional and personal life. Although Syn.ap.tic was created out of need, it thrives on the dedication, commitment, passion and hope of all those involved. Each and every day, I have the incredible opportunity of working with the most resilient group of people. From staff to volunteers to the people who entrust us with their recovery, it is an honour for me to be among them.

In the truest sense of the word, Syn.ap.tic is derived from its Greek origin meaning “to join together” and this has resonated in our philosophy from conception. We wanted a place where people could come together to explore their potential and find ways to maximize abilities. We wanted a facility that supported complementary and alternative methods to treating neurological conditions. We wanted a centre that fostered the collaborative skills and knowledge of professionals and experts who truly understood the nuances of neurological health. We wanted to create a space where we could remove the ceiling of limitations and dare to act. Although still in its infancy, Syn.ap.tic is striving to make each and every one of these things happen.

Albert Einstein said "Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." We hope that everyone who comes comes through our doors will see Syn.ap.tic as an opportunity for empowerment, an opportunity for growth and an opportunity for change.

Creating something of this magnitude has not been without its challenges, but it has allowed Syn.ap.tic to collaborate with some of the brightest and most progressive minds, and some of the most generous and sincere hearts.

I am forever grateful to each and every person who has been a part of our story. Without all the people who not only shared in our vision, but felt compelled to act, we would not be here. It has been the epitome of community and Syn.ap.tic embodies the strength of the collective whole. With immense gratitude, we thank you.

I am so very excited to see where the future of neuro rehabilitation will go, and I am eager to see how Syn.ap.tic will fit into this spectrum of care. Syn.ap.tic has an amazing history and an even more promising future, and it is one that I am incredibly proud to be a part of.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Uyen Nguyen BA, BscPT, AFCI, CPMA

Board of Directors

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The Syn.ap.tic Facility

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305, 6940 Fisher Road SE

Calgary, AB

(403) 984-4909

Syn.ap.tic is a 5000 sq.ft facility located in downtown Calgary. Our space is fully equipped with adaptive equipment to accommodate a wide spectrum of physical conditions. Our facility is designed to highlight and enable people to focus on the things they can do, and not the things they cannot do. Our specialized equipment allows people to explore their physical potential in a safe and supportive environment.

Syn.ap.tic is currently the only centre in Alberta to be using the Therastride as an integrated part of its rehabilitation program. Therastride is a full body weight-support treadmill that enables people with varying mobility limitations to be upright in a weight loaded position. This progressive technology allows the opportunity to correct and improve walking patterns for people with minor to severe deviations in gait.